Prolite Test Ride Demo Program

Here is how our TEST RIDE DEMO Program works! 
  • You will be charged the price of the demo saddle. 
  • We will ship the saddle to you and we pay for the return postage.
  • You have 5 days to test ride your saddle. 
  • If you decide to keep your demo saddle, then the payment made to test ride the saddle will be applied to the price of the saddle and the saddle is yours.  
  • If you order a saddle from us different from the one you took to test ride, $250 will be applied to the demo program for wear and tear and shipping on the saddle being tested. 
  • You must still return the demo saddle after 5 days or speak to one of our sales representatives if you want to keep it until your new saddle is ready. There is a fee of $20 per day to be applied to the demo saddle for any extended period over the 5 days. This fee of $20 per day also applies to the use the demo saddle until the ordered custom saddle is ready. 
  • If you decide to return the demo saddle and decide that the saddle is not for you, we will refund you the amount of the demo saddle, minus $250 to cover shipping and handling and restocking fees. 
  • When we receive the demo saddle back from you, if the saddle shows any abuse, excessive wear or tear or damage - you may be subject to an additional fee. 
  • If you want to test different models or types of saddles, please be aware that each demo saddle is subject to the same fees and conditions. 
  • Demo saddles are subject to availability and only available in the United States.
  • Email us today at to set up your Test Ride 


What’s the up front cost?

You’re deposit will equal the value of the demo you choose. Prices vary based on style and condition. Some demo saddles will be new and some will be used. The price depends on the demo you choose.

Are all styles available for demo?

We do our best, but selection is based on availability. Currently we are shipping only to the US,

How long can I keep a demo?

5 days upon comfirmation of delivery of the saddle. Demos kept for longer than 5 days are subject to $20 a day late fee, but contact us about the ability to keep your demo for a certain price until your new custom saddle is ready. 

Can I buy the demo?

YES!! We’ll keep your deposit and the saddle is yours!

I love the demo but want to order a custom saddle, what’s next?

Contact your sales rep to make your selections. We’ll apply your full deposit to the custom order. Please note that balances due for upgrades are due before your custom saddle ships.

Can I keep the demo until my custom arrives?

It all depends on availability. Your sales rep can provide you with additional details regarding fees and prices for keeping the demo until your new custom saddle is ready. 

Can I return the demo without ordering a saddle?

Absolutely, once the demo is returned we will refund your deposit minus $250 for shipping & handling and restocking. Please note that excessive wear / damages are subject to additional fees.

How do I return my demo?

Repack the demo using the packaging it came in and we’ll send you a return label.

Who do I contact to Test Ride with SK Equine and Prolite Saddles?

Email or call/text +1(817) 760-6331 or contact your local sales rep